One road is “world class”. All others are third class.

Vittal Mallya Road in Bangalore has been re-created to be of a “global standard“.

From the report, the road has the following features:

*Separate ducts for various government departments independent from one another for their maintenance work
*Anti-skid technology used on the roads to ensure vehicles do not lose their grip even during monsoon
*Bollard lighting (Lamps on short posts)
*Pavements of granite slabs
*Road separated with walkway pillars
*Two road-crossing zones for pedestrians.

So, no parking of two wheelers on the pavements? What about driving on them by two wheelers in order to beat the traffic at signals?

This is all good. But what about the other roads in Bangalore? What is the government doing to improve them?

The last highlight above caught my particular attention. With all the flyovers and ring roads that have been built in Bangalore, the single most important feature about Bangalore roads is the forgotten pedestrian. Take for example the ring road in BTM Layout from Bannerghatta Road to 16th Main. There is not a single point where people can cross the road. With the traffic being very heavy in both directions particularly during peak hours, it takes courage for anyone to cross the road. Not only do people have to look out for vehicles, but also, they have to negotiate the ridiculous divider. School children and the elderly face particular problems. They have to step over the fairly high divider and again have to look out for vehicles before making the dart to the other side.

This is but only one example. There are many, many roads like this in Bangalore. Except for some of the roads in commercial areas like MG Road, KG Road, etc., the situation is the same.

Making one road “world class” is only a starting point. The government should make sure that all the other roads are also “world class”. The pedestrian should be given the right of way as in western countries.

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