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Unmarried women barred from using cellphones in Indian village

Today’s WTF story is from the The Guardian: An Indian village has banned unmarried women from using mobile phones for fear they will arrange forbidden marriages that are often punished by death, a local official said today. The Lank village … Continue reading

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Teacher wins burqa battle at university

The teacher at West Bengal’s first Muslim university who was being asked by the student union to wear a burqa to classes has won her case. The university administration contacted Middya on Monday, asking her to resume duties without a … Continue reading

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Return of the Taliban

This is the cover from the latest issue of Time magazine.  All the four editions of the magazine have the same cover. From the story: The Taliban pounded on the door just before midnight, demanding that Aisha, 18, be punished … Continue reading

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Students want the teacher to wear burqa

Today’s WTF story is from the Indian Express which struck me for this one reason: it is the student union who want the teacher to wear burqa!!  There is no dress code by the university. This is from Aliah University … Continue reading

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Fatwa says to breastfeed men

The fatwas that are routinely issued by Muslim clerics never cease to amaze me for their ridiculousness but this one takes the cake (or should I say milk?). From the report, a Saudi cleric has issued a fatwa saying that … Continue reading

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‘I can’t get a wife because of the matrimonial website’

A man in Mumbai sued a matrimonial web site because no woman responded to his ad.

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