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Unmarried women barred from using cellphones in Indian village

Today’s WTF story is from the The Guardian: An Indian village has banned unmarried women from using mobile phones for fear they will arrange forbidden marriages that are often punished by death, a local official said today. The Lank village … Continue reading

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Swimming in filth

MSNBC has this photo which captures everything that is there to India today.

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Lame attempt at humor against Indians

This attempt at humor in Time magazine caused a lot of anger among the Indian community. A doctor in California named Rahul K Parikh has written a rejoinder on CNN.

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Indian Clogged Railways

Here is an article from NY Times. A story about trains in China and a video which compares Chinese and US high speed rail plans. Another related story here.

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Clean water and healthcare to Indian villages

Here is an innovative and laudable effort. The initiative installs rainwater collection systems on villagers’ rooftops along with a pipe system that pumps water to larger reservoirs. Sustainable Solutions provides some of the cash, and the villagers provide the rest. … Continue reading

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More Indians are dying on roads

According to this article, more than 118,000 people died on the roads in 2008 (latest figures available).

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I got my phone. Now where’s the toilet?

Remember the UN report about India having more cell (or mobile) phones than toilets? The 665 million people who defecate in the open have some hope. Vir.Mueller Architects from Delhi are building a community toilet in Delwara.

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Scandal!! Electricity stolen!

Apparently, stealing electricity in Germany is big new because it is very rare. Not, for example, in India where it a way of life for millions and causes huge losses. Just read this.

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India’s UID project

Here is a nice article about the project.

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