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“Vreau sani mai mici”

Image via Wikipedia Romanian tennis player Simona Halep took the contrarian route – had her breasts reduced in size because they caused her back pain. Photos before and after.

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I got my phone. Now where’s the toilet?

Remember the UN report about India having more cell (or mobile) phones than toilets? The 665 million people who defecate in the open have some hope. Vir.Mueller Architects from Delhi are building a community toilet in Delwara.

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Cricket, lovely cricket

This is different from what Egbert Moore said and from this.

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When the internet is down


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Venus the illusion

Enjoy here and here.

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Burn a dead man to get rain

In a bizarre story, villagers exhumed a buried man and burnt the body in the hope of getting rains. Praying for rains is not new. People do yajnas, organize special poojas at temples, etc. But this one takes the cake.

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Victoria’s Secrets are for skeletons

Lane Bryant has posted a spoof made by a supporter after its lingerie ads were rejected by ABC and Fox.

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Misleading headline

This report from Deccan Herald carries the title “M’lore flight ignored advice on navigation.” When you read the full report, it tells you this: In February this year, the Director-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) issued an ‘operations circular’ to all … Continue reading

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Most influential on Twitter

Here are the 140 most influential people on Twitter.

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